Break reality. Save the world.


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See where it all began: Foundryside and Shorefall.

Sancia, Clef, and Berenice have gone up against long odds in the past. But the war they’re fighting now is one even they can’t win.

This time, they’re not facing robber-baron elites or even an immortal hierophant, but an entity whose intelligence is spread over half the globe—one that uses the magic of scriving to control not just objects but human minds.

To fight it, they’ve used scriving technology to transform themselves and their allies into an army—a society—unlike anything humanity has seen before. With its strength at their backs, they’ve freed a handful of their enemy’s hosts from servitude, and even defeated some of its fearsome, reality-altering dreadnoughts.

Yet despite their efforts, their enemy marches on. Implacable. Unstoppable.

Now, as their opponent closes in on its true prize—an ancient doorway, long buried, that leads to the chambers at the center of creation itself—Sancia and her friends glimpse a last opportunity to stop this unbeatable foe. To do so, they’ll have to unlock the centuries-old mystery of scriving’s origins, embark on a desperate mission into the heart of their enemy’s power, and pull off the most daring heist they’ve ever attempted.

But their adversary might have a spy in their ranks—and a last trick up its sleeve.

And to have a chance at victory, Sancia, Clef, and Berenice will have to make a sacrifice beyond anything that’s come before.

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The Elevator Pitch

Robert Jackson Bennett describes his CITY OF BLADES to unsuspecting victims at NYC Comic Con 2015.

Every once in a while I read a book that's so well done, I find myself wanting to punch the author in the face out of pure envy. Congratulations Bennett, you just made the face-punching list!"

Jim C. Hines, Hugo Award winning author of Libriomance

Dazzling, sophisticated and thoroughly modern... Imagine China Mieville and George R. R. Martin stuck in an elevator, with only a laptop to keep them company, and you’re almost there. Robert Jackson Bennett is a name to remember and a talent to behold.”

G. Brown, Nerds of a Feather

Every five to ten years, a novel will come along in the fantasy genre that remixes what came before in a powerful resonant fashion... watershed novels that evoke a perfect symmetry of resonance and freshness... City of Stairs is one such novel.”

Rob H. Bedford,

Robert Jackson Bennett deserves a huge audience. This is the book that will earn it for him. A story that draws you in, brilliant world building, and oh my God, Sigrud. You guys are going to love Sigrud."

Brent Weeks, New York Times bestselling author of The Way of Shadows

Absolutely blew me away. Bennett's writing is so impressively transportive that you're nearly sure one day you'll wake up in Bulikov...It boils down to just read this book. Robert Jackson Bennett is genre fiction's best kept secret. He's a secret that needs to be shared.”

Andrea Johnson, Little Red Reviewer