The City of Bulikov

Click the landmarks in the images below for historical and cultural details about the once-city of the Divinities!

Morov Station

One of Bulikov’s very few railway stations, Morov Street Station also serves as a tenuous connection point to the modern world.

Old Quarter

One of the areas most decimated by the death of the Continental Divinities, the Old Quarter features the mysterious and famous – or perhaps infamous – stairs of Bulikov.

Solda River

Once one of the most beautiful features of Bulikov, the Solda River now acts more as an obstacle, cutting the city in half.

Seat of the World

The Seat of the World was originally the parliament house of the Divinities, but, like most of Bulikov, it vanished after the assassination of the Divinities during the Great War.

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Art by John Petersen