June 17, 2013

World Horror 2013

The 2013 World Horror Convention was a lot of fun this year. I was dead set on going. I can usually only get to 1 or 2 cons at most, but since this time it was in New Orleans, land of my birth, I absolutely had to go. Originally it was going to be a Bennett Family Jamboree, but then my grandmother had a moderately concerning fall, so it wound up just being me and the Darling Wife going out on the town.

And that we did. I am nervous to look at our credit bill. To summarize, I can recommend the following places with great enthusiasm:

  • The Commander’s Palace
  • The Sazerac Bar
  • Muriel’s on Jackson Square
  • The Palace Café
  • The Camellia Grill
  • The Erin Rose (and Killer Poboys in the back)
  • The Carousel Bar

And less so these places:

  • Galatoire’s. It fucking breaks my heart to say this, because my grandparents were frequent patrons of this restaurant, but the food there was extremely disappointing. I ate there all the time as a kid. I guess the years haven’t been kind to it.
  • The Napoleon House. My polite Canadian friend asked if she could get a Hurricane – a faux pas, but she didn’t know – and after that it was almost impossible to flag down our waiter. The drinks weren’t hugely impressive, but the building and bar itself is quite nice.

Places I didn’t get to go to, but intend to visit the next time:

  • Adolfo’s
  • The Green Goddess (for the Neil Gaiman special, which I think is a soup made out of his hair cuttings? No one was sure)

The reading I gave went quite nicely. The room’s ceiling was very low, so I look like a giant in all the pictures. And I gave away all my copies of American Elsewhere at the mass signing that night. (Which, by the way, received a very kind review from Weird Fiction Review.)

reading WHC(As a note, I’m finding it increasingly expensive to do mailing giveaways on my books. I enjoy it a lot more when I get to go to conventions and put books in people’s hands. Everyone is always so stunned I’m giving them away for free, I always find it amusing. I think I’ll probably start doing that more in the future.)

I had a great panel on Genre Mashups, which gave me tons of food for thought for future blog posts. I think I’ve made it clear that I consider genre less and less these days. Go down the rabbit hole far  enough, and categorizing fiction starts to feel like filing your taxes.

And I also got to while away the hours into the new morning with the likes of Robert McCammon, Michael Slade, and my friend Joe McKinney (a pity he didn’t win Best Novel, but I’ve no doubt he’ll be a frequent nominee in the future). We actually managed to close out the Café du Mond, having consumed numerous Sazeracs beforehand. I think it was a pretty good New Orleans experience, overall.

And, to finish, I genuinely cannot resist posting this picture: muffaletta2