September 9, 2014

Well, hello there.

In case you haven’t noticed – and it seems like it’d be quite difficult for you not to – I have a new website.

Included in this website are images of some street scenes of Bulikov, each with clickable landmarks you can learn more about. Go check them out!

And, of course, CITY OF STAIRS is released today! If you haven’t pre-ordered it, now’s your chance!

A great new review (and giveaway) came through today from the Qwillery:

Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs is a taut fantasy thriller with exceptional characters, superb worldbuilding, and an impressive and thoroughly developed mythology. City of Stairs is the best book I’ve read this year.

Another great review from Fantasy Literature:

City of Stairs is a glorious, mind-bending mash-up; part second-world fantasy, part political thriller and part murder mystery. Shara Thivani and her “secretary” Sigrud are my two new favorite action heroes. Robert Jackson Bennett once again, has taken a conventional sub-genre and made it original, creating an experience that reads like an actual sociological thriller set in another, magical world.

Brandon Sanderson’s assistants Peter Ahlstrom and Isaac have this to say over at Brandon’s website:

…I loved it. I’ve read very few books that feel engineered specifically for me (Brandon’s books qualify, and I assure you that I’m not obligated to say that), but City of Stairsalso stands in this group. 99% of it was made just for me. If Peter has the magic to find the books that speak to my reader’s heart, then Robert Jackson Bennett has the magic to look into my heart and write the book I want to read. The characters, the world, the gods, the city, the horrors—this is my kind of book! I can’t wait to read the sequel. Heck, I can’t wait to re-read the book when it’s released on Tuesday! When Hugo nomination time comes around, I’m puttingCity of Stairs on my list.

There’s a CITY OF STAIRS giveaway over at ol’ Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds, including a piece I wrote about writing instincts:

Instincts are some of the hardest things to hone when you’re first writing. Instincts thrive on experience, on constant immersion in the conflict inherent in writing: trying to realize abstraction, to take an idea and make it solid. The best metaphor I’ve heard for instincts is that it’s like a sculptor sitting down with a block of stone, and just knowing the shape of the sculpture waiting inside, understanding that there is a thing waiting inside of this raw material, and it wants you to carve away the excess. The unrealized work has a definitive self-identity: your job is simply to take all the stuff that it isn’t and remove it, to separate chaff from wheat.

And I’ve got a piece on writing characters over at the Magical Words blog:

What I like to try and find is a handful of small details about the character, which can then be used as material from which we can extrapolate their perspective. Something as simple as the manner in which they read the newspaper, or the way they sleep on a couch… these small details about the character can be used as peepholes into who these people are on a grander level.

And CITY OF STAIRS is still absolutely rocking it over at Goodreads!

Thanks so much to everyone for their support and enthusiasm!