September 30, 2014

UK release of CITY OF STAIRS…

is coming soon! Check out this post over at Jo Fletcher Books for a great, fun contest and giveaway.

In related news, I’ve randomized the responses to my own giveaway for CITY OF STAIRS, and have contacted the winners. I’ll get the signed copies in the mail this week!

In addition, the Sci Fi Now review of CITY OF STAIRS is quite excellent. Take a look!

And in one wholly unrelated note, Ramez Naam has an excellent blog post over at his site that you should read. Ramez is one of those irritating Renaissance types that appears to know and do and excel at a lot of things, from working for Microsoft to writing sci-fi novels (one of which I just recently purchased) to flying around the world doing TED talks on innovation and technology.

His post discusses some very recently developments that can be cause for optimism, some of which I’ve discussed myself. His post, I think, is spurred by the International Energy Association’s recent projection that solar power can possibly power 50% of the world by 2050.

This is good news. But what’s worth remembering here is that the IEA has always underestimated renewable energy. As Ramez himself points out here, for solar to meet the IEA’s projections, it would have to grow 10% a year until 2050.

For the past ten years, its growth has been over 40% per year. And, today, India continues to throw itself behind solar as much as it can – for purposes of speed and economy more than cleantech.

And though its growth will certainly level off eventually, every time capacity or scale of a technology doubles, the price usually falls by 20%.

Whatever percentage penetration we reach, and whenever we reach it, the next 2-3 decades are going to have some enormous changes coming – with many of those changes being for the better.