February 1, 2013

Titles are stupid, I hate writing post titles

I’m tempted to make all post titles random crap in the future, like WAFFLE FACTORY BLUES or HAM GRANDMA TAKES A TUMBLE.


So, THE TROUPE made Locus Magazine’s recommended list of 2012! A good thing!

Fantasy Literature Dot Com also selected THE TROUPE as one of their favorites of 2012! Another good thing!

And AMERICAN ELSEWHERE made Publishers Weekly’s top 10 upcoming SFF books of 2013! Like, my shit is up there with Neil Gaiman and Charlaine Harris and all kinds of spiffy people. A good thing!

And here at home I thought I’d lost my favorite hammer but then I found it so hooray! (It was underneath my box of other hammers.)


I finished my fifth novel this week, as well. Like always, there’s a weird feeling of closure when I finish one of my books, because I know I’ll essentially never be seeing those characters again. I will, of course, when I enter the merciless and brutal editing process – but that’s not the same as writing them, when you discover who they are and they surprise you quite frequently.

On the whole, I’d say it’s very similar to The Troupe, perhaps in atmosphere. But it’s a second world novel with a very complex history, and the plot is chiefly powered by the characters trying to figure out just what the hell their history is. I felt a weird sense of mechanical satisfaction on having finished it: it was probably much like how an engineer feels when the thing they designed does exactly what they wanted it to do, with great efficiency. I haven’t ever really felt that way about a book before.