April 2, 2018

The Divine Cities – Hugo Nomination

While changing out of wet clothes at the lake this past weekend, I glanced at my phone, saw a good bit of notifications, and realized, “Ah, the news has gone out.”

I am pleased to say that The Divine Cities is nominated for a Hugo Award in the Best Series Category.

Thank you to everyone who nominated the series. And thank you even more to those who simply read the books. I have written books that people have read, and I have written books that people have not read. I wholeheartedly recommend the former.

Finishing a series is a strange, bittersweet experience. I wrote a little bit about that here, especially regarding how much my own life changed between starting Stairs and publishing Miracles. I’m reminded of the Paradox of the Ship of Theseus – if so much has changed over time, is it still the same thing?

I’ll definitely be in San Jose come August. And I’ll be eager to attend the famous Hugo Losers party, if possible, and don’t care at all if I’ll be doing so as a winner or a loser.