May 9, 2014

No dog food for Victor tonight

It’s my pleasure to tell you that AMERICAN ELSEWHERE has been nominated for a 2013 Shirley Jackson Award.

This is a real thrill for me. I’ve never been to Readercon (I’ll definitely be going this year) but I seem to bump into Readercon peeps all the time, and I get along very well with them. Moreso, the 2010 Shirley Jackson I won for MR. SHIVERS was the first major writing event of my life, and it came at a time when I needed it. Four years later, my respect and appreciation for the award has grown: I know more of what it means, and I’m increasingly grateful for the leg up it gave me.

So it’s an honor to be nominated, and I’ll definitely be there this year. If I win this time, I won’t get the news while sitting in a bath at home, hungover, like last time. But I think I’ll really just be looking forward to the company, no matter what happens.

But I have some more fun AMERICAN ELSEWHERE news: the book has been optioned by the BBC America production company as a TV show.

If you follow other writers, you may be aware that optioning is a real shot in the arm, but doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. At best, it’s one small step on a long, long path. As my friend David Liss wisely put it, it’s getting paid to hold a lottery ticket. But I’m tremendously pleased to be here and to have someone value what I’ve done to this degree. It’s a huge honor.

And I’m truly, deeply thankful to the fans and readers out there who like my stuff and continue to read it, with or without awards and TV shows.