January 25, 2016

so hey maybe you should buy my book

So man. It’s been, like, a while since I finished this sucker – literally almost a year since I was pretty much done with it – but hey, the time is here, the time is now, it’s party time, and let’s get ready for this.

That’s right, folks. CITY OF BLADES is coming out tomorrow.


(It looks like this.)

OR, if you’re in the UK, it looks like this:


You should buy it because I’m me, the guy who is writing this, and also wrote these, both of them, right up above here. I look like this:


(Please note that in this photo the author is exhausted from ConFusion in Detroit and also the scratch on his head is from when he was walking across a parking lot at night with John Hornor Jacobs looking to buy beer and walked into a tree.)

Why would you do a buyifying procedure for my embookens, which I wrotified? Well here are some reasons.

Publishers Weekly called it “astonishingly good.”


Kirkus called it “a grand entertainment.”

Fantasy literature called it “heartbreaking and inspiring.”


The Barnes & Noble SFF Blog called it “masterful”.


Books, Bones, and Buffy called THE DIVINE CITIES “one of the best fantasy series out there.”


It was an Amazon Book of the Month Pick


And it is doing pretty dang well over at Goodreads.


And there are bunches of other reviews out there. Check em out.

I’ll be at Hastings in San Marcos tomorrow night at 7 PM, if you’d like to swing by and get a book signed.

And I’ll be at Book People on Wednesday night with good ol’ Kevin Hearne, whose STAKED is coming out the same day, and which you should also absolutely buy.

Kevin Hearne looks like this.

this is not actually what he looks like

Respected and well-liked author Kevin Hearne.

If you are unsure of how or where to buy CITY OF BLADES, I recommend using this website.

If you are unsure of how or where to buy STAKED, I recommend using this totally different website.

And on that note, I am back to editing the final installment in THE DIVINE CITIES – the third book CITY OF MIRACLES, which will star everyone’s favorite murderous Dreyling, Sigrud.

That or maybe I will take a nap.

Maybe nap. Yes.