September 11, 2014

SFF World, Bookworm Blues, Pornokitsch, and more

In case you missed it, we have a bigger, more immersive website for the wonderful art John Petersen made for the city of Bulikov live here.

I’ve also written a short piece about what it’s like to write a secondary world over at the SFF World site (appropriately enough).

Here is a review by Sarah Chorn over at Bookworm Blues for City of Stairs.

Jared Shurin (who is NOT English) wrote a lovely review for City of Stairs at Pornokitsch, and I have to admit I was tickled pink to find his least favorite part was what seems to be everyone else’s most favorite part.

And finally, Max Gladstone apparently has a hooded bathrobe (who has a hooded bathrobe? how do you dry your hair?) and took this handsome recreation of the City of Stairs cover:


One day I might get ahold of my wife’s bathrobe and attempt something similar…