September 19, 2014

Let’s put on a show!

I’ll be doing a Reddit Ask Me Anything chat over on /r/books next Monday at 8 PM ET.

This is not my first AMA – I did one for /r/fantasy last year that was in essence a shrieking spin through a lunatic asylum (though some of that was my doing).

Here’s the thing, though: some Reddit veterans inform me that the /r/books folks are a little less responsive than the /r/fantasy people. This is likely because /r/books is much, MUCH larger, so more people are watching, and also AMAs are still relatively new there.

What I’m saying is – if you have a question, and if you want to have a conversation with me (because I do try to keep talking and keep saying stuff worth saying), here’s a really great place to do it. Even if you’re not a Reddit member, or if you’re a Reddit member of a different forum, come on over and ask.

Let’s put on a show for them. Put me to work. Make me sweat!