April 12, 2013

i09 review, and the AMA

Well, my Reddit Ask Me Anything was completely fucking nuts. But I never expected it to be anything different.

American Elsewhere has also netted a very nice review from i09, as well!

The book is science fiction, but has at least a splash of horror, unsurprising for a novel by a Shirley Jackson Award winner. Horror is a deeply subjective genre – second only to erotica – and I’m not particularly put out by tentacular grotesques or things that go chitter in the night. Or rabbits. Those who find their nightmares haunted by the chitinous or oozing, may find the horror more pronounced. But in any case, these things are pressed up against more suburban horrors: the desperate need to keep up appearances, a stifling marriage, parents who sacrifice their children for the protection of a powerful patron. It’s the combination of the two, the mundane and the Lovecraftian that give the book an unease that seems to radiate from the pages.

I’ll be checking on the AMA occasionally throughout the day, so if you have a question you’d like to ask, please feel free to do so!