February 12, 2013

Here we go.

It’s Fat Tuesday, nukes have gone off in Asia, and AMERICAN ELSEWHERE comes out today. A busy time, for sure.

MY BOOKISH WAYS has a great review of the book, as well as an interview with me and a giveaway.

American Elsewhere is a big, bold novel, by turns gorgeous and grotesque, terrifying and tender, and it’s also a razor sharp sci-fi suspense story with literary sensibility and a healthy helping of horror. Settle in, fellow readers, ‘cause you’re in for a helluva ride.

I might have to do a giveaway of my own, sometime in March, perhaps, when our travel schedule dies down a little.

LIBRARY JOURNAL has also given the book a really great (and starred) review. BOOKLIST also has a really great review coming out – which I’ll speak on more when I can…

THE LITTLE RED REVIEWER also has a really, really great review that’s just gone live.

You may want to arrange an entire day to read the second half of this book. Really.  Be prepared to have American Elsewhere spoil you rotten. Nearly everything Robert Jackson Bennett has published has won awards.  I’ve read two other novels by him, and they were both amazing, and they both pale in comparison to American Elsewhere.

BOOKWORM BLUES just put up a really fun review, too:

American Elsewhere is Bennett’s longest book, but it never loses its focus. Bennett really shows off his flare for balance, development and pacing. The plot, while interesting, is definitely unique. The horror aspects will please fans of that genre, but readers shouldn’t miss out on the subtle undertones, the things that are classic Bennett: a layered book that slowly unfolds, intriguing (and unexpected) character development, and something a bit deeper that Bennett hints at rather than hits readers over the head with. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of this work is how well Bennett manages to string readers along, which allows them to feel all the twists and turns as acutely as if they were living through it. American Elsewhere is as much of a mental exercise as an exciting horror read, and truly shows his unique flair and incredible (and obviously growing) talent.

All in all, a lot of fun – so why not go buy it?