October 29, 2012

Halloween fun

I usually try and do something fun with my pumpkins on Halloween, but this year when I was cleaning up our garage I noticed we had a lot of old gutters lying around, and these made me start thinking.

I find the ideas of fields of chimneys burning with red fire to be pretty creepy – and I think that’s a perfectly natural reaction to fields of chimneys burning with red fire – so I got some black spraypaint, some knives, and I think I freaked the hell out of my neighbors by repeatedly stabbing the gutters, tearing them apart, and then nailing them together, and painting them black.

The result was this:

It’s not quite as big I hoped, but it did turn out well. I stuffed each one with red lights, and though my cell camera is terrible, this is kinda sorta what it looks like at night:

The pizza guy thought it was pretty cool.

Maybe next year I’ll put brighter red lights in them, or build more gutters, or just make something new, out of wood.

The only issue with making more artwork every Halloween… where to store it?


In other news, I have been extremely busy recently.

I run a trade show convention for my dayjob. This last year was my first, and I had no idea what I was doing or how best to do it. But it turned out pretty well. The best thing I can compare convention-planning to, is that it’s like planning a wedding, or actually five weddings a day for three days, and all the attendees have to pay to come, so they have high expectations.

Onsite, it’s wild, controlled chaos, and my job turns from “planner” to “taking care of huge disasters,” because inevitably there are huge disasters.

But this one went well. People liked it. And I think I learned how to do it better next year. (And it reinforced my feeling that writing is not a hard job, and anyone who complains about writing being SO HARD and just TORTUOUS needs to buck up and try retail for a while, and oh my god when did I become a crotchety 50 year old man?)

However, I wasn’t able to do much creative stuff, which is probably why I did the above Thing in one big burst of activity, and I admit that stabbing and hammering was a pretty good way to take out a lot of stress. I did not get much writing or blogging done, naturally. But that’s what the holidays are for.

And, speaking of writing, I should have some pretty huge news I can talk about soon. Stay tuned, folks.