January 7, 2014

Dark Duets

It’s pretty rare when I have something come out that isn’t a novel, and thus occurs more than once a year, but I’ve collaborated with consummate gentleman and irredeemable wiseass David Liss for a story in the anthology Dark Duets, which is out today. (Hence why I’m writing this.)

This was a lot of fun to do, because usually I’m absolutely horrible to collaborate with. I know because I have to work with myself all the time, and can rarely stand a minute of my presence.

EDIT: Here’s the Library Journal Review:

Library Journal

The premise for this unusual anthology is, unsurprisingly, twofold. The selections are all dark fantasy or horror (most trending more towards horror), and they are collaborations between authors who have never before written together. The tales generally succeed, with some real standouts, including Charlaine Harris and Rachel Caine’s piece that pits a mother’s love against a demonic force and a fable by David Liss and Robert Jackson Bennett about an ex-con offered a deal with the devil. There’s a very weird and creepy story for those distrustful of cat ladies and another for those who think their GPS might be possessed. Less successful is the only tale written by a trio, the slight “Misters Before Sisters” by Sarah Rees Brennan, Cassandra Clare, and Holly Black. VERDICT Collected anthologies such as this can be a great way to expose readers to new writers, giving them a taste of the style of authors famous in the horror genre as well as offering them dark turns from well-known authors from other genres. This work proves that even those new to collaboration can make beautiful music together.

David has also written a story to be in the “Weird West” issue of Dark Discoveries. It is quite seriously one of my favorite short stories I’ve read in a long time, something which absolutely should not work and yet does so magnificently. However, if you are allergic to turn-of-the-century penis pumps and defiant male nudity, you may wish to reconsider.