January 6, 2016

ConFusion 2016 schedule

I’ll be at the upcoming ConFusion convention in Detroit later this month, January 21-24. If you’d like to come by and see me, my schedule is as follows:

Friday 6:00:00 PM SFF Debates 2016!
Six of your favorite SFF personalities debate the issues of our time in this live debate, moderated by Robert Jackson Bennett.
Diana Rowland, John Scalzi, Wesley Chu, Delilah S. Dawson, Robert Jackson Bennett (M), Mark Oshiro, Brent Weeks

Friday 7:00:00 PM Pitch Me Your Elevator
The panel, using their wit and guile, will craft elevator pitches on the spot for classic novels and films. Bonus points will be awarded for style points. Who will take home the title of Elevator Pitch Champion?
Laura Resnick, Mari Brighe, Robert Jackson Bennett (M), Mur Lafferty, Pablo Vazquez

Saturday 9:00:00 AM Author RPG: Planet Mercenary!
Authors from across the genre spectrum come together to put Howard Tayler’s new game, Planet Mercenary, to the test. Come watch these exceptional creatives put on a show and enjoy some laughs. Please remember to give the players their space.
Howard Tayler (M), Brian McClellan (M), Delilah S. Dawson, Cherie Priest, Mur Lafferty, Robert Jackson Bennett, Saladin Ahmed, Brent Weeks

Saturday 1:00:00 PM Women Made of Chrome
Women older than thirty and short of being a grandmother, are rarely seen in gene fiction. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but these types of characters often fade into the background scenery, and very few are protagonists. Why is this? What has been lost as a result? What books have handled vigorous, gray haired, women well?
Kristine Smith, Catherine Shaffer (M), Cherie Priest, Jen Talley, Robert Jackson Bennett

Saturday 4:00:00 PM Autograph Session 1

Saturday 9:00:00 PM Explaining Social Media: Robert Jackson Bennett
Writing wunderkind, Robert Jackson Bennett, presents his social media strategy and how it impacts his authorial career. He’ll take us through the history of the Internet, the emergence of social media, and demonstrate the process he goes through to execute his well thought out strategy.
Warning: Adult content.
Warning: Does not constitute actual advice.
Robert Jackson Bennett (M)

The best words I can put together for my last session – Explaining Social Media – would be “a nihilistic, belligerent orgy of stock art and fonts.” You have been duly warned.

Also, make sure to swing by Hastings in San Marcos on 1/26 to see me on the release day for CITY OF BLADES! And the next day, I’ll be at Book People with Kevin Hearne.

This month is gonna be nuts.