September 16, 2014

CITY OF STAIRS news and giveaway!

Well folks, it’s been one week since CITY OF STAIRS came out and people seem to be responding extremely, incredibly well! It’s tough to find a bad review over at Goodreads or Amazon, and it’s impossible to find a bad review over at Barnes and Noble (but then again there’s only one review – maybe someone wants to alleviate that?).

You can also swing by for an interview with me by author Brian Francis Slattery, head over to Magical Words to find out why I didn’t write CITY OF STAIRS as the standard homogeneous Medieval Europe fantasy, or check out Nisi Shawl’s Seattle Times review of the book.

And if that doesn’t work for you, then how about a giveaway?

I have ten signed copies of CITY OF STAIRS to give away here, some paperback from the US, some of them the advanced UK hardback edition. To win one, you just need to:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post stating your own personal favorite epic fantasy

2. Also state why you like it

3. State your preference – paperback or hardback?

I’ll then randomize the selection of comments, and on 9/26, I’ll make the selection and start the giveaway! The new Disqus comment system means I’ll have your email, so I’ll contact you directly for your address and shipping instructions.

Unfortunately due to cost, I can only do these giveaways for residents of the lower 48 and Canada. Sorry about that, folks.

Thanks for all the support!