February 6, 2014

City of Stairs ARC dispersal, and a general thanks

Advanced Reader Copies for my new novel, CITY OF STAIRS, should be ready to go in about 3 weeks or so. CoS (as I’ve been calling it in my head) will be out in September of this year, and you can find more information, and some blurbs, here.

I’ve brought it up on twitter, but if you’re a reviewer and you’d like a copy, either ping me on twitter or leave a comment with your contact information on this blog post. I won’t publish it, but I’ll send the info on to my editor at Crown and their PR people. You should be contacted to receive the ARC or proofs or however the hell you want to receive it in about 3 weeks.

On a more sentimental note, I was genuinely astonished at the response I got to ARC requests – from other writers, from bloggers, and from certain people who’ve been following me for several years by now. The idea makes me feel ridiculously humble and thankful, because there’s about 10 to 20 people who’ve been beating the drum for me since 2012 or so, and maybe even further back, and the only thing I can say is thank you. Writing is a weird and lonely way of work, but liking a midlist author enough to keep bringing up their work must be even weirder and lonelier – and, at the same time, I don’t think I’d have had much success without those people doing it.

So, thank you.