February 20, 2012

The penultimate day…

…callooh, callay.

An interview with me is up here at My Bookish Ways. It is a leeeetle bit old – the little boy is now quickly approaching the one year mark, and I finished Pym a while ago.

So, did you happy dance when you found out about the Philip K. Dick nom? Because I would have totally happy danced. And there may have been some squeeeing.
I believe I immediately asked my publicist if it would be okay if I said “holy shit” to her in an email. I think this to be a perfectly valid response.

For reference, Kristin’s review of The Troupe can be found here. She, too, has mysteriously found herself several copies of The Troupe, and is giving them away with these details:

1. You MUST fill out the form below (lots of chances for extra entries!)
2. Giveaway is for 5 copies of The Troupe by Robert Jackson Bennett to 5 winners
4. Must include a valid email address
5. You must enter on or before 2/27/12
6. Please see my Giveaway Policy.
7. Book kindly provided by the author and Orbit Books.

The book comes out tomorrow in the US. It’s weird, because it’s already been out in the UK. It feels, to me, like it’s been out for months. Books are not like movies – there is not one big curtain that can be raised at the exact right moment. A book release is disparate, disembodied – it happens in stages at vague times, executed by parties and organizations you’re totally unfamiliar with.

So far it’s gotten very positive reviews – people react to it every personally, which makes every reaction unique. Mostly, though, everyone has something to say about the end. This pleases me more than I can describe. The ending of this book is something that occupied me for months. I always knew how I wanted to do it, and I suspect – very faintly – that I have done it that way.

I hope you read it. It was fun to write, and things that are fun to write are – usually, but not always – fun to read.