January 7, 2013

Best of 2012 Collection

I’m damn happy to see that THE TROUPE has made a lot of end of year lists! I’ve been horribly lazy in responding to this, but I’ll go ahead and try to summarize them now:

The Qwillery: Book of the Year

The Troupe broke my rating system. I’ve stopped giving Qwills to books because once I read this exceptional novel I realized how inadequate my rating system was. […] This is one of those novels that is so remarkably good that I have been afraid that nothing I say about it could possibly do the novel justice, but I will try.

Only the Best Sci Fi: #1 out of 10

Bennett not only writes about magic, but his writing itself is imbued with magic and a bit of humor and even a little darkness. To be mentioned in the same breathe as Neil Gaiman would be no stretch of the imagination.

The Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf and Book Review: Fantasy Novel of the Year

The Troupe is one of those novels that just sticks with you long after closing it. Think of it as a period American Gods through the lens of Steinbeck. Yes, that’s heavy praise, but this book deserves it.

Rob Bedford: Best Fantasy Novel of 2012.

The Troupe by Robert Jackson Bennett was not only the best fantasy novel I read in 2012, it is my favorite novel of the year, full stop. It was a powerful novel and I’d even rank it as one of the ten best I’ve read in the last decade.

Audiobookaneers: Best Audiobook of a New Novel of 2012 (Dave’s pick).

The Troupe is one of those books that I didn’t want to end, was genuinely sad when it was over, and am very much looking forward to listening to again.

Book Chick City: #1 out of 10 (Melanie’s picks).

THE TROUPE is one of few truly unique books I have ever read. The plot was gritty, horrific, beautiful and poetic all at the same time. It isn’t an easy read but more than worth it.

Bookworm Blues: one of the top 10 of 2012.

I absolutely loved The Troupe and I devoured every word of it. The Troupe was a breath of fresh air. It charmed me from the first page.

Lynn’s Book Blog: #3 out of 10.

The Troupe is a brilliant read and one that I will definitely read again.  Robert Bennett is one of those unusual authors who seems to defy any sort of genre and who also manages to come up with a different style of book every time he sets pen to paper.  On the back of reading this I also read Mr Shivers and The Company Man which are also great reads.  I can’t wait for his next book to see where he will take us next.

Publishers Weekly: One of the best SF/Fantasy/Horror books of 2012.

A piano prodigy in early 20th-century middle America explores the dark side of performance and family in this eerie and love-ly homage to smalltime vaudevillians and the country’s heartland.