August 20, 2012

American Elsewhere gallies

Wow. The gallies/ARCs/whatever-they’re-calleds of American Elsewhere look really, really cool (that is my agent’s hand in the picture, if you’re curious – my nails are not half as good):

To get one of these babies, all you have to do is be a really cool person who does cool reviews and everyone likes and can skateboard. (Basically I’m saying I don’t know. But you can probably ask Orbit, and if they wind up sending me some, I’ll figure out a way to put them in hands.)

In other news, someone made a Wikipedia article for Mr. Shivers. My favorite part is this final excerpt:

The Daily Express calls the book “memorable”. [3]

Which is one of those excellent noncomments that could mean anything. “This book was memorable because while reading it I discovered my wife had been unfaithful, only one of my three children was actually mine, and directly after I lost both legs in an automobile accident.”