The Troupe

Vaudeville, magic, and the creation of all things

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Vaudeville: mad, mercenary, dreamy, and absurd, a world of clashing cultures and ferocious showmanship and wickedly delightful deceptions.

But sixteen-year-old pianist George Carole has joined vaudeville for one reason only: to find the man he suspects to be his father, the great Heironomo Silenus. Yet as he chases down his father's troupe, he begins to understand that their performances are strange even for vaudeville: for wherever they happen to tour, the very nature of the world seems to change.

Because there is a secret within Silenus's show so ancient and dangerous that it has won him many powerful enemies. And it's not until after he joins them that George realizes the troupe is not simply touring: they are running for their lives.

And soon...he is as well.


"The Troupe is true magic: a gripping tale that reminds the audience why we fell in love with reading. This book enchants, leaving the audience on their feet, yelling for an encore.:
-Mat Johnson, author of Pym

"Bennett (The Company Man) melds an energetic reimagining of medieval myth with an engrossing backdrop of impresarios, puppeteers, and amazing feats of strength in this tale of turn-of-the-century vaudevillians. …Bennett’s finely crafted novel rises on a wave of suspense to a place of beauty and hope."
-Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Bennett’s novel calls to mind the stylings of Neil Gaiman and lives up to the comparison[...] I couldn’t stop the emotional response at the novel’s closing moments, leaving me breathless and in awe of Bennett’s ability to distill the most familiar of themes from the abstract."
-Staffer’s Musings

"Troupe is a fairytale for grown-ups about love and betrayal and redemption, set against the grungy backdrop of a vaudeville stage and revealing along the way a bit of the deep magic to which all life resonates. [...]this is the kind of book that will find its ways into one’s hands again and again over the years."
-Eliot Swanson, Booklist (starred review)

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