July 30, 2012

“To Be Read” review ; or, I am bad at knowing things

“To Be Read Upon Your Waking” is an awkward title to try and shorten, because it often just turns into “To Be Read,” which is the name everyone gives to their pile of books-in-purgatory. But! I also am lazy, so.

The Speculative Scotsman has a nice review of TBR up here.

At 20,000 words, there’s room for Bennett to let his narrative and characters breathe — amongst them the marquis, a particularly memorable madman who may be able to answer some of the strange questions James raises. The setting, too, is terrific: in rural France, as magical as it is mysterious, one senses anything can happen, and at Anperde Abbey – beautiful, foreboding and all but lost to the forest – it does.

So, check it out. And you can, you know – for free.



I am apparently bad at knowing things, because not only is this review 2 weeks old, but also THE TROUPE got a Recommended review from SFRevu, and its Washington Post review also got play in Kansas City. These are all good and happy things that I did not know.